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Reshaping E-learning Environments: Building Communities of Good Practice in Using Moodle


This project aims at exploring Moodle good practices and building communities of practice at the university. A community of practice related to Moodle use was built. One hundred and thirty two members coming from different faculties and different non-faculty units including teaching, technical and administrative staff and students joined this community. Twelve cases of Moodle use were studied and shared in this community. All cases including both contents and discussion were archived in an online platform for references. There were 3 international conferences papers related to the project published and presented. Also, one master thesis was completed with the findings in this project.

Principal Investigator

Dr. A.H.K. Yuen, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

May 2017


  1. A community of good practice in using Moodle was established at the university
  2. Twelve teacher sharing sessions about Moodle use
    1. Enhancement of Core University English Course (CUE) through Development of eLearning Moodle Materials
    2. Using Active Learning strategies and Gamification in Moodle
    3. Flipped classroom for language education: sharing a first practice
    4. Flipped classroom for legal education: Experience about a large-scale implementation
    5. Filling the gap between lessons with Moodle activities: A course-level prospective
    6. Connecting the Moodle with web 2.0 tools: An experience about flipping advanced programming courses
    7. Different Approaches of Teacher-student Interactions in Moodle
    8. The use of Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) in Interprofessional Team-Based Learning (IPTBL) for health professional students
    9. Chinese Medicines Field Trip Combining with Moodle Module
    10. Cross-institutional Online Problem-based Learning (COPBL) with Moodle
    11. Adapting Moodle to fit a curriculum that uses Problem Based Learning
    12. Integrating Interactive Quizzes & Learning Analytics into a Personalized Learning Platform
  3. One student sharing session about Moodle use
    1. Let’s talk about Moodle: Sharing and discussing with students