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A New Science Learning Platform


The project is to develop a new multidisciplinary and interactive learning platform with which students acquire both subject-specific knowledge and cognitive skills in the learning process. New learning pedagogies including interactive learning with instant evaluation and feedback (clickers system) in lecture room teaching, and new courses design for teaching fundamental concepts of science in a unified and integrated environment.

Principal Investigator

Professor F.C.C. Leung, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of ScienceContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

September 2008


  1. A broadening course “The World: Environment and Us” was offered.
  2. A Common Core course “Biotechnology – Science and Impacts” based on the concept developed in this project has been approved to be offered in 2010-11.
  3. The Clickers system has been introduced in a number of sessions and workshops.
  4. Departmental workshops and seminars relating to the educational value of using the clickers as a teaching and enhancing students’ learning tool.