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Blending Team-based Learning in Medical Biochemistry at the Bench-side


Biochemistry is a content-heavy subject. Lack of student engagement and motivation in a traditional classroom often hinders the efficiency of teaching and learning of this discipline. The major aim of this project is to re-design the medical biochemistry contents covered in the laboratory sessions to tailor-fit into a team-based learning (TBL) format of teaching delivery. Unlike the typical TBL, ready to use E-learning platform, such as Moodle LMS will be utilized to facilitate its implementation. Furthermore, since the TBL format will be blended into the wet laboratory practical sessions, we anticipate the integration will further stimulate student involvement.

We plan to compare the test cohort with the control cohort from the previous academic year through the administration of surveys, formative quiz and summative assessments.TBL is still in its infancy in Hong Kong and involvement with the E-learning platform is only explored recently. Blending with the wet-lab sessions will be a novel attempt in TBL adaptation. It is expected that the experience we gain and the data collected from this project will inform teachers who are interested in adapting TBL in their courses.

Principal Investigator

Dr. J.W.Y. Ho, School of Biomedical Sciences, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

December 2017


  1. To articulate the specific biochemistry contents into a TBL format for implementation and integration into the biochemistry laboratory sessions. Download
  2. To assemble the tailored-made contents into the E-learning platforms such as Moodle-LMS. Download
  3. To assess the efficacy of TBL implementation using formative assessments. Download
  4. To critically evaluate student engagement, satisfactions and motivations upon TBL implementation. Download
  5. To critically assess how discipline-specific content can be modified for use in the Moodle environment, which would have been modified for TBL by the inter-professional TBL project team lead by Dr LK Chan. Download