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Enhancing the Effectiveness of Experiential Learning: Professional Development and Support for Teachers


The growing use of experiential learning within higher education is placing new and high demands on teachers, whose professional training thus far has focused on more traditional pedagogies. At the same time, teachers are still called upon to nurture students through experiential learning, and use reflective learning methodologies which they are less familiar with. It has been clear that teachers’ professional development needs to evolve with the changing times.

Over the years, the University has endeavoured to improve the learning and teaching process for experiential learning programmes. As a result, knowledge of effective practices, good examples, and case studies have emerged, but the sharing, dissemination, and development of this body of knowledge. If such sharing and application were to occur, student learning would be greatly enhanced.

As a collaborative endeavour among three parties, this project aims precisely to bridge the gap: to build a comprehensive understanding of how teachers can best facilitate experiential learning, complemented by a package of practical guidelines that are grounded in experience and the local context. The project will also engage students, on-site supervisors, and teachers to learn from their experiences, and draw from the relevant literature. By drawing on scholarly insights as well as actual experiences, the project will significantly enhance the understanding of experiential learning and institutional wide implementation and development.

Principal Investigator

Ms. J.M.L. Chow, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

December 2017


  1. The project website can be accessed through: https://learning.hku.hk/expl/
  2. The soft copy of the guidebook for EL facilitators can be accessed through: http://bit.ly/HKU_EL_guidebook
  3. We have made 3 videos on good practice on EL and can be accessed through these links: