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Developing E-learning Resources for Speech & Hearing Sciences


This project will develop e-learning resources to underpin learning and teaching in the revised BSc Speech & Hearing Sciences (SHS) curriculum to be implemented in two phases starting in 2016-2017. Speech language therapists aim to improve the quality of life of individuals with a communication and/or swallowing impairment (CSI), which means that students in our BSc program need to develop the knowledge and skills to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services in diverse settings. At present most resources that underpin the SHS curriculum were developed elsewhere for English-speaking cultures. The use of these existing resources in our curriculum limits students’ ability to develop culturally appropriate professional skills, resulting in a gap between theory and practice. This project will provide e-learning resources that are appropriate for multi-cultural Hong Kong.

We will focus on facilitating students’ ability to translate theory to clinical practice in their learning about the therapeutic process and the nature and characteristics of CSIs. The project will deliver six e-modules with several subcomponents focusing on specific CSIs. For each e-module, we will make videos of individuals with a specific CSI engaging in conversation and in scripted or structured speech and language tasks in real clinical sessions. These individuals will come from different age groups, illustrating the different manifestations and impacts of the CSI across the life span. Various multimedia-centric and rubric-guided assessments will be included to develop students’ self-evaluation skills to facilitate life-long learning. The success of the project will be measured qualitatively and quantitatively in the form of discursive feedback from stakeholders (the HK community of speech language therapists, SHS faculty and students), consumption patterns of E-learning resources, and statistical comparison of learning outcome achievement as a function of the resource consumption patterns.

Principal Investigator

Dr. A.M.Y. Wong, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

February 2018


The videotaped sessions on the individuals with speech, language, swallowing, voice and hearing problems were conducted by experienced speech therapists in the community who had clinical expertise in the problems.

  1. 8.4 hours of unedited videos on the speech, language and communication therapeutic process and typical speech, language and communication.
  2. 12 hours of unedited videos on speech disorders from 6 adults and children.
  3. 22.5 hours of unedited videos on language disorders from 10 children.
  4. 0.5 hours of unedited videos on swallowing disorders from 1 adult.
  5. 1 hour of unedited videos on voice assessment and voice disorders from 1 adult.
  6. 5.5 hours of unedited videos on hearing assessment and hearing disorders from 5 children and adults.
  7. Transcripts of 10 hours of videos on several children with language disorders.
  8. About 5 hours of edited videos are now accessible on the HKU Online Learning Platform under the name of Speech001 and Speech003.

Given that we only received consent for access of the videos by pre-registered users, any HKU staff and students who are interested in viewing the videos for teaching and learning purposes should contact the principal investigator, Dr. Anita Wong at amywong@hku.hk.