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Development of a Holistic Chemistry 4-year Undergraduate Curriculum


In response to the 4-year undergraduate curriculum reform, the Department of Chemistry has taken this golden opportunity to revitalize the Chemistry curriculum to be implemented in September 2012. The curriculum structure, lists of core and elective courses offered and details of the courses including course aims, learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, assessment methods, course contents, and list of experiments for the new 4-year Chemistry undergraduate curriculum at the University of Hong Kong have been proposed and outlined.

We believe this proposed 4-year Chemistry curriculum is an up-to-date, sound and holistic one which is of high standard and comparable to the Chemistry curricula of top universities over the world and at the same time, able to cater for the needs of Hong Kong students and the society. The Chemistry curriculum is intended to provide a sufficient depth of study in chemistry while allowing enough elective space for students to opt to explore other areas of study or to go deeper in the chemistry field. Other than offering a comprehensive training in the subject field, components for enabling students to acquire and enhance essential transferrable skills have also been incorporated in this proposed Chemistry curriculum.

Principal Investigator

Dr. P.L. Tong, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of ScienceContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

June 2011

Deliverables (HKU Portal Login Required)

  • Project results have been presented in a detailed report Download , with the following content:
    • Objectives and deliverables of the project;
    • Proposed 4-year Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum at HKU;
    • Key Features and Evaluation of the Proposed 4-year Chemistry Major Programme.

Appendices of the report:

  • Course Syllabi & Mapping of Course Learning Outcomes against Chemistry Major Learning Outcomes. Download
  • Comparison Table of HKAL & HKCE Chemistry Syllabi and NSS Chemistry, NSS Combined Science (Chemistry component) & NSS Integrated Science Syllabi. Download
  • Information on Practical e-Learning Software. Download
  • Background Information on the Two Surveys Questionnaires. Download
  • Findings of the Study on 4-Year Chemistry Curricula of Selected Overseas Universities. Download