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Experiential Learning for Comparative Literature Courses


As experiential learning is an essential feature in the new undergraduate curriculum, this project aims to develop a structured curriculum for experiential learning in Department of Comparative Literature. The project focuses on two major components of experiential learning in the Department: multi-media creative project and meeting-the-artist activity. They offer a unique approach to experiential learning because of the small-scaled embedded syllabus design and the emphasis of creativity and reflective thinking.

Multi-media creative project and meeting-the-artist activity are effective in transforming students’ learning experience by encouraging them to connect knowledge acquired in lectures with actual experience outside the classroom. Multi-media creative project is especially successful in actualizing the educational goals of life long learning as well as social and cultural engagement. Meeting-the-artist activity enables students to interact with the artists and learn more about the cultural industries.

A set of grade descriptors based on specific outcomes of experiential learning has been developed by the project’s principal investigator and co-investigators. Many activities have been organized to promote experiential learning, including regular meetings with filmmakers and writers, a multi-media creative project exhibition and an off-campus student poetry-reading meeting. A new website, Multiple Voices: A Platform for Creative Thoughts (http://www.complit.hku.hk/multiplevoices/), has been launched to archive and disseminate students’ creative outputs.

Principal Investigator

Dr. E.M.K. Cheung, School of Humanities (Comparative Literature), Faculty of ArtsContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

June 2012

Deliverables (HKU Portal Login Required)

  1. CLIT2008 Family Memory Project Cover SheetDownload
  2. CLIT2028 Creative Group Project Cover SheetDownload
  3. CLIT2028 Creative Group Project Signup SheetDownload
  4. CLIT2028 Creative Project InstructionDownload
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  6. CLIT2075 Project Cover SheetDownload
  7. Grade Descriptor_Creative ProjectDownload
  8. Grade Descriptor_Meeting the ArtistDownload
  9. Questionnaire_Creative_ProjectDownload
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