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Exploration of Teachers’ Views and Perceptions regarding the Structure, Curriculum Content and Assessment of Community-based Learning in Undergraduate Family Medicine


We conducted an exploratory study prior to commencement of a new community-based teaching programme. Using a questionnaire study and one-on-one interviews, the perceptions of community-based family medicine teachers were examined regarding curriculum structure, content and assessment of community-based learning. We were particularly interested to examine whether it would be feasible to implement a 3-year longitudinal community-based learning programme which focussed on the learning of professionalism (“Becoming a doctor: professionalism in practice”).

Our responses were generally positive and supported the implementation of formal teaching and assessment of professionalism. They believed that family doctors were well placed and appropriate given their patient-centred, holistic approach to patient care, their emphasis on good communication and the doctor-patient relationship. Barriers and facilitators were explored, and a number of strategies were identified to facilitate better community involvement.

Two workshops were conducted with approximately 30 participants to support community-based teachers with strategies to facilitate the teaching and learning of professionalism. Through these workshops, personal referrals and word-of-mouth dissemination, a total of 71 community-based doctors were recruited to participate in the first year of the programme.

Outcomes of this TDG included:

  • Expansion of community-based learning for undergraduate medical students through the development of a new 3-year longitudinal community-based learning programme which focussed on professionalism (“Becoming a doctor: professionalism in practice”).
  • Recruitment of new, and increased involvement of existing, community-based doctors to participate in undergraduate medical teaching
  • Validation of the curriculum and assessment methods for community-based learning in Family Medicine.

Principal Investigator

Dr. W.Y. Chin, Department of Family Medicine & Primary Care, Li Ka Shing Faculty of MedicineContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

January 2013

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