TLQC Seminar by Prof Michael Worton

New Ways of Teaching for New Ways of Thinking

Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost of University College London, spoke in a seminar entitled “New Ways of Teaching for New Ways of Thinking” organized by the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (TLQC) on November 29, 2010. The seminar was held at HKU’s Council Chamber where participants packed the venue to listen to Professor Worton, who had previously been invited to HKU last December and March to speak in an earlier TLQC Seminar and another event.

In the seminar “New Ways of Teaching for New Ways of Thinking”, Professor Worton highlighted the many changes that are happening in higher education and summarized the contemporary challenges of global higher education. For example, the proliferation of the internet brings about a new reality where knowledge is consensually constructed by communities of readers and texts, and where hierarchies between teachers and learners are dissolved. Professor Worton shared his views on how teaching and learning are responding to these challenges. He also shared some UK examples of how technology and student research are being used to enable learning; how new approaches are being applied to traditional subjects; and how experiential and community learning are benefiting students in their learning. The seminar concluded with Professor Worton speaking on what lies in the future and the corresponding roles of universities, their staff and students in the new age.

To view Professor Worton’s presentation slides, please click here.