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UGC Teaching Award 2012

Dr David M. Pomfret

Dr. David M. Pomfret, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Arts, was honored with the University Grants Committee (UGC) Teaching Award 2012. He received the award in recognition of his outstanding teaching performance and achievements, as well as his leadership in and scholarly contribution to teaching and learning.

Since joining the University of Hong Kong in 2001, Dr. David Pomfret has distinguished himself as a teacher, a pioneer and a leader within HKU, and beyond.

A Record of Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Pomfret has a sustained record of teaching excellence, leadership in enhancement of student learning at all levels of the institution and a growing international recognition of his approach to teaching and learning as truly transformative. As a historian of youth, Dr. Pomfret is uniquely placed to contribute to an agenda of excellence in teaching and learning, and his scholarly interest in the changing nature of youth has led to a radical rethink of the history curriculum, and of the learning process. The depth of his engagement with students and reflections on their learning processes, the thoroughness with which he choreographs his teaching, the tirelessness with which he pursues perfection, and his remarkable record of sustained teaching excellence mark Dr. Pomfret as a highly unusual, talented and charismatic teacher.

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Excerpt from video on Outstanding Teaching Award winners 2010
The very high student ratings of Dr. Pomfret’s teaching sustained over a period of ten years are truly remarkable. The transformative dimension of his teaching is perhaps best captured by one of his students: ‘We live at the moment, but the moment is actually constructed by the past. The world we (are) experiencing now have (has) its own past, and so do we. Our own life history forms and constructs our life, like our preference, character or even career today and in the future. I am really glad to have this opportunity to have some reflections on my life history and the course. Knowledge would become valueless if we don’t reflect and apply. Having reflections on our own history gives us direction for the future.’
The students’ numerous praises were echoed in external examiners’ reports across the years. The intellectual depth of his courses has been remarked on by various external examiners as “extremely well conceptualized, stimulating and off the beaten track” and “very conceptually oriented course”.

Impact at Departmental, Faculty and University Levels

Dr. Pomfret has a record of sustained contribution through his intellectual leadership at a programme, faculty and university level, and has tirelessly championed the importance of quality teaching through his many leadership roles and contributions. Dr. Pomfret was the Associate Dean for Curriculum Development in the Faculty of Arts from 2008 to 2011. 

He is currently the Convenor for the Humanities Area of Inquiry in the Common Core Curriculum, and he is also serving on the University’s Steering Committee on 4-Year Undergraduate Curriculum. As the University unveils the new curriculum, Dr. Pomfret’s contribution to its conceptualization and implementation will not go unnoticed.

In 2010, he was awarded the competitive Outstanding Teaching Award at HKU. He clearly stood out amongst all the nominations and the selection panel was unanimous in giving him the prestigious award.
Dr. Promfret led a break-out session at the Common Core Forum (2010)
Awardee Dr. David Pomfret shares his teaching philosophies (6 Sep 2012)
Awardee Dr. David Pomfret shares his teaching philosophies (6 Sep 2012)
Chairman of the University Grants Committee (UGC), Mr Edward Cheng, and Members of the Selection Panel of the 2012 UGC Teaching Award took a group photo with the three recipients of the UGC Teaching Award 2012 at the presentation ceremony. (6 Sep 2012)