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Second Retreat on 4-Year Undergraduate Curriculum Reform

Date: 28-29 June, 2007
Venue: HK Gold Coast Hotel

Programme Run-down

Video Clips – Key Speakers

28-29 June 2007

Video of the speakers’ presentations on: New Secondary School (NSS) Curriculum


Welcome and Introduction  – Retreat Moderators

Highlights – the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum – Professor Frederick Leung

Secondary Schools Responding to the Challenges of the NSS Curriculum – Ms Enian Tsang

NSS Issues: Concerns and Challenges – Dr Anissa L.K. Chan

Video of the speaker’s presentation on: Common Core Curriculum

Introduction  – Retreat Moderator

The Common Core Curriculum: Position Paper – Professor Amy Tsui

Video of speakers’  presentations on: Language Issues

Introduction – Retreat Moderator

The Language Requirement and Provision: Position Paper – Professor Amy Tsui.

Language Across the Curriculum – Professor Terry K.F. Au

Video of the speaker’s presentation on: Credit Unit System

Introduction – Retreat Moderator

The Credit Unit System – Dr Peter Cunich