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Curriculum Reform Seminar

A seminar will be given by Dr Jenny Moon, Associate Professor, Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University, on April 19, 2011 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm at room LG-06 Hui Oi Chow Science Building. The title of the seminar is “Making Sense of Experiential and Reflective Learning, an Exploration of Ideas”. In this seminar, Dr Moon will focus on what we might mean by reflective and experiential learning, how they relate to each other and to their use – and perhaps mis-use in the context of education. She will look at how we can help students to learn to reflect on their experience and to move that reflection beyond the descriptive and superficial. She will add a few more recent insights of her own that have been derived from writing about the role of story in education.

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