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HKU Education Distinguished Lecture on “Empires of Learning in East Asia”

Message from Faculty of Education

Distinguished Lecture
Empires of Learning in East Asia

Professor Simon Marginson
Institute of Education
The University of London

Higher education and science are central to modern societies and to the global strategies of states. East Asia is becoming the world’s third great zone of higher education, science and innovation, alongside North America and Western Europe/UK, though this development has yet to be fully understood outside the region. What are the drivers of the remarkable post-Confucian educational systems in China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore? What are their strengths and limitations? Is a new model of the university emerging? What are the implications for world society, economy and polity?

Date: June 25, 2014, Wednesday
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong
Online Registration:
Enquiries: 2859 2529
Language: English

About the Speaker
Professor Simon Marginson is Professor of International Higher Education at the Institute of Education of the University of London and the Joint Editor-in-Chief of the world academic journal Higher Education. He was previously Professor of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne (2006-2013). His research and writing focuses on global and international aspects of higher education and policy. His books include Markets in Education (1997), The Enterprise University (2000) and International Student Security (2010), and the forthcoming Age of STEM (2014) and Higher Education in Vietnam (2014). In October this year he delivers the Clark Kerr lectures at the University of California.

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Tin Ka Ping Foundation