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GHELC Roundtable: Ethics in Experiential Learning


Date: 3 December 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 12:15pm – 2:00pm
Venue: Room 113, Knowles Building
Ms. Lucia Choi
Founder of “STIR” Student Take Initiative Rally; BSSc (Year 3) student, majoring in Psychology and minor in Social Policy & Community Building
Ms. Mak Wing Yan
Head of Children in Ministry, World Vision China
Dr. George Wong
Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering
Ms. Lindsay Ernst
Honorary Lecturer, Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Faculty of Law
Ms. Jessie Chow
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences

About the Seminar

This seminar will explore the ethical terrain of experiential learning activities. Experiential learning is a creative and powerful pedagogical method which takes students out of the classroom to tackle real-life problems by drawing on theoretical knowledge. It involves students interacting with various stakeholder groups, where ethical concerns arise. In this seminar, experienced experiential learning teachers, NGO representative and student will share their insights in ethical issues arise from their experiences. We hope it is the first step to formulate guiding questions for educators to identify and address ethical issues in designing experiential activities

Join us in the roundtable discussion, to explore and interact with our scholars, students as well as representative in NGO on ethical dilemmas and concerns in Experiential Learning.

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