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Scholarships News – Call for Application

Message from Scholarships Office of the Registry

November 2014 Issue


Call for Applications

The following are highlighted schemes now calling for applications. You may click the scheme titles for eligibility and application methods.

For Postgraduate studies

1. HKU-Cambridge Hughes Hall Scholarships 2015-16 (Deadline: Nov 21, 2014)
Current students/graduates who intend to pursue MPhil degree at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

For full-time Undergraduate and Postgraduate students pursuing publicly-funded degrees

2. HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund

i. Talent Development Scholarship (TDS) (Deadline: Nov 30, 2014)
For students with outstanding non-academic achievements

ii. Endeavour Merit Award (EMA) (Deadline: Nov 30, 2014)
For students with special educational needs

iii. Reaching Out Award (ROA) (Deadline: Dec 31, 2014)
For students participating in overseas/ Mainland outreaching activities

Value of each TDS, EMA and ROA: HK10,000

For full-time Undergraduate students

3. HSBC Scholarships (for local students only)

i. for all discipline students (Deadline: Nov 30, 2014)
Value of each award: HK$50,000

ii. for Social Work students (Deadline: Nov 28, 2014)
Value of each award: HK$25,000

iii. for overseas exchange (Deadline: Jan 5, 2015)**
Value of each award: tuition fees, a minimum economy return airfare plus basic living expenses

iv. Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme (Deadline: Nov 30, 2014)
Value of each award: up to HK$150,000; For students to participate in overseas/Mainland attachment programmes

4. HKU Worldwide Student Exchange Programme 2015-16 (Deadline: Dec 1, 2014)**
For students to go for overseas exchange in our partner institutions

** Applications should be submitted to the Office of International Student Exchange (OISE) directly. Please follow the application procedures listed in OISE website.

Please check out for more information on scholarships that are open for applications at HKU Scholarships website.

Kitty Wong
Scholarships Office, The Registry

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