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March 1, 2010

334 Symposia by HUCOM

The 8th Symposium – Standards Based Assessment and Honours Classification was held at the University of Hong Kong on the first of March 2010

The second plenary panel discussion session was conducted in two parts: Standards Based Assessment and Honours Classification. Representatives from the UGC-funded institutions spoke on the challenges of reforming assessment practices and gave suggestions for the path forward.

Three parallel discussion sessions took place where representatives from the UGC-funded institutions shared their practices, difficulties, and thinking in the areas of:

The Symposium ended with Pro-Vice-Chancellor Amy B.M. Tsui’s concluding remarks which summarized the key points of all presentations and discussions while placing them in the wider context of curriculum reform. Several key questions were identified: how can we develop a curriculum to enable students to build the generic capabilities needed by employers; how can we properly assess diverse learning experiences; and how can we accurately convey the assessment results in both the formative and summative dimensions to students and employers.

For a full set of the presentations and program details, please access the Symposium’s website.

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