Faculty of Social Sciences

MOEI Programme

MOEI programme is one of the programmes launched by the Faculty. It was formed in 2008 to provide intensive English language education for migrant children and adults from Burma located along the Moei River section of the Thai-Burma border.

MOEI was launched by the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong in 2008. To date, there have been four MOEI programmes:

MOEI Thailand 2008

From late June to early August 2008, 22 students from universities in Hong Kong and the UK first undertook one week of training, and then delivered six weeks of intensive English classes to 700 refugees and migrants in 11 schools. Three of the partner schools were in refugee camps, one was in a clinic, and another was in a safe house for political fugitives. The other MOEI classes took place in migrant schools, chiefly in Mae Sot.

MOEI Thailand 2008-09

From December 2008 to February 2009, a small group of four students from universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA undertook eight weeks of teaching through MOEI. Two of the partner schools were in refugee camps and two were in migrant schools.

MOEI China 2009

In June-July 2009, another small group of seven students from universities in Hong Kong, Ireland, the UK and the USA participated in a pilot MOEI China programme. Most of the teaching was conducted on an ad hoc basis in the 5/12 earthquake zone in Mianzhu, Sichuan Province.

MOEI Thailand 2009

In June-August 2009, 26 students from universities in Hong Kong, the UK, the USA and Ireland participated in one week of training and eight weeks of teaching in and around Mae Sot. In total, they taught about 1400 refugees and migrants in 17 schools.

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