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Habitat for Humanity Summer Internships

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) has created three exclusive non-credit-bearing internship programmes for HKU students in summer 2016. Further details on the three internship programmes are attached.

HFH Cambodia: 12 Internship PositionsHFH Cambodia
HFH Cambodia is calling for applications for 12 internship positions that last for two months (and where permissible for three months). Interns should have ONE of the following skill sets or areas of experience to contribute towards the programme:

  • Background in architecture, engineering or construction to provide housing solutions (viz, construction, repair and renovation), water access and sanitation facilities (6 – 8 interns)
  • Background in marketing/ social sciences to conduct research on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a view to promoting Cambodia as a priority country for CSR programmes for fundraising purpose (2 interns)
  • Strong communication and/or graphic design skills to work with our communication arm on promotion materials (1 – 2 interns).

HFH Nepal: Four Internship PositionsHFH Nepal
HFH Nepal is welcoming applications for four internship positions, which shall run from June to July 2016. Interns should have ONE of the following skill sets or areas of experience to contribute to the Build Nepal: Earthquake Assistance Program.

  • Background in architecture, engineering or construction experience to assist with site supervision in the field (1 intern)
  • GIS background to help map new implementation areas (1 intern)
  • Strong writing skills in English and/or graphic design skills to work with our communication and global village teams (2 interns).

A potential candidate can also propose his/her own assignment based on the program strategy outlined in the attached document. Interested candidates should read the attached document to become familiar with the work HFH Nepal is undertaking. Please remember that Nepal is a post disaster country and recovery has been hampered this year by an unofficial border blockade. June and July are also monsoon season in Nepal. Interns should be prepared for an adventure and to be flexible in terms of their daily assignments.

HFH International, Asia-Pacific Office in Manila: 11 Internship PositionsHFH International
HFH International is seeking 11 interns to support the operation of “Impact Asia”, which aims to enable 15 million people to secure safe and affordable homes and to engage a further 10 million as volunteers, advocates and supporters. The 11 interns will work in the Asia-Pacific office in Manila for two to three months to support the Resource Development Department, Human Resource Department and Housing & Human Settlement Department. Interns are expected to have background in ONE of the following fields: business/economics/marketing, law or social sciences/communication.

Financial subsidies will be available at HK$6,000 per participant. Interested candidates should submit their resume to horizons@hku.hk latest by Tuesday, 2 May 2016 (6 pm). Interviews will be arranged on a rolling basis.

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