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Virtual HKU-Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme 2021 – Summer

Gain insights into how businesses are run during the turbulent economic environment and propose solutions to NGOs/CBOs in Kuala Lumpur, Manila or Bangalore.

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Virtual Language Exchange

Engage in virtual language exchange for no fewer than 25 hours, and submit a basic log-book and a 6-minute video to earn an out-of-classroom credit.

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Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experience

The scheme approves up to 6 non-curricular credits for participation in out-of-classroom learning experience.

Applications are accepted all year round

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Wu Zhi Qiao/Bridge to China

A project-based construction/human service learning opportunity in Gansu province on the Mainland.

Applications for 2019 are accepted until December 30, 2018 (6pm)

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Horizons Project Mingde

A few construction projects are taking place in different locations in Guangxi Province, from repairing bridge to building a kindergarten.

Applications are accepted all year round

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HKU-China Exploration & Research Society Exploration Trips

Experiential learning trips in different parts of the world to explore the great nature and learn about the values of cultural and natural conservation.

Learning beyond Hong Kong has long been a key feature of undergraduate education at HKU. The University is well-positioned and resourced to open up more in-depth and meaningful opportunities for students to learn beyond Hong Kong. The Academic Development Proposal (ADP) 2016-19 commits the University to the following targets: “By 2019, 50% of all Ugs will engage in at least one learning experience overseas AND one in Mainland China …. We aim to increase this overseas and Mainland China experience for 100% of our students by 2022.”

The Horizons Office supports the University’s endeavor by working with community partners around the world in offering experiential learning programmes beyond Hong Kong and provides financial support to students. These learning opportunities and support include:



HKU Living Laboratory South Africa Trip

HKU Horizons Experience Awards

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