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The Horizons Office has teamed up with the Wu Zhi Qiao Foundation ( to offer the HKU Wu Zhi Qiao (WZQ) Programme since 2017-2018, as a 6-credit course (course code: HKUH1005).

HKU-WZQ is a project-based construction/human service learning opportunity on the Mainland designed specifically to:

  • expand participants’ horizons and enable them to draw on their academic knowledge through first-hand practical experience
  • provide real life experience in executing a service project which has direct impact
  • foster better communication, mutual understanding and integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland
  • improve the lives of underprivileged villagers in remote areas of Mainland China
  • inspire respect, appreciation and preservation of local culture and environment, and promulgate the concept of sustainability
  • develop integrity and a commitment to society and life



The offering of the programme will be confirmed by mid-May 2022, dependent on the development of Covid-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions.

  • Interviews: March 2022
  • Orientation: week of June 27
  • Travel:
    Jul 8-14 Xian
    Jul 15-21 Lanzhou / North West
    Jul 22 – Aug 5 Macha village, Gansu


Lanzhou area
Macha Village, Gansu


35 HKU students


Full-time HKU undergraduate students, except:

  1. students in their final year of study (unless with approval from their home Faculty)
  2. students on leave of absence during the current academic year (unless they have paid tuition fee for the current year)
  3. students who have already fulfilled the requisite/permitted number of credits for the current academic year (unless with approval from their home Faculty).


Students from Mainland universities


  • two weeks of cultural immersion in Xian and the Lanzhou area / North-West.
  • two weeks of onsite service in Macha Village, Gansu:
    • construction work and
    • service in one of the following areas:
      • architecture: environment protection / building
      • arts and culture
      • public health: screening and apply fluoride on children teeth if agreeable
      • needs assessment and surveys (e.g. on left behind children)


Each participant will receive a subsidy HK$4,000 from the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

Upon completing HKU-WZQ, students will be able to:

CLO1: Understand indigenous environments/ cultures through first-hand engagement with the community concerned.
CLO2: Identify pertinent needs/ key issues and develop plans/strategies to enhance social development and/or preserve local culture.
CLO3: Develop work ethics, self-initiative, adaptation to the organizational culture, and communication skills for successful workplace performance.

Teaching and Learning Activities

Pre-trip planning & proposal30 hours
Execution / delivery (note 1)40 – 50 hours
Written Project40 hours
Presentation10 hours
Total120-130 hours

Note 1: Students are reminded that majority of the activities and talks in the programme will be conducted in Mandarin. Students who are non-native speakers of Chinese are expected to have at least beginner’s level of the Chinese language in order to complete the programme.


The course will be graded by Pass/Fail (subject to approval)

The assessment items and learning outcomes are as follows

Assessment ItemsAssessment MethodCLOs
Execution / deliveryEvaluation of onsite execution1, 2, 3
Written ProjectWritten assessment1, 2
Group Video PresentationPresentation assessment1, 2,3


Applications for 2022 are accepted from December 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022 (6 pm).

Application form

For enquiry, please contact us at