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Diverse Learning Experience

How Law Students Learn


The objective of this study is to conduct systematic and comprehensive survey on how law students learn and what factors affect the effectiveness of their learning. To understand how our students learn is the first step for law teachers and the Faculty of Law to develop effective pedagogical strategies to improve our teaching and the learning of law students.

A total of 355 law students (in different curricula and different years) took part in the survey. After the collected data was preliminarily analyzed, student volunteers were invited to attend a focus group meeting, during which they gave us useful feedback and clarification of some of the survey answers and provided their views and suggestions on teaching and learning in general on the basis of the survey. A final report was prepared with findings on the learning of law students and recommendations on how the learning of law students could be improved. The report was circulated among the Faculty, and was thoroughly considered at a Faculty retreat, identifying areas that needed improvement and the possible ways of doing so.

Principal Investigator

Miss A.S.C. Lee, Department of Law, Faculty of LawContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

November 2008


  • to identify students’ learning methods
  • to find out the students’ perception of the effectiveness of those methods
  • to explore the possibility of using new learning methods and their effectiveness
  • to encourage awareness and discussion among the faculty of issues related to teaching and learning
  • to generate a culture of teaching exchange and regular teaching workshops
  • to pave the way for further development and research in relation to teaching and learning, such as the follow-up Teaching Development Grant project “How Law Teachers Teach”