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IT in the curriculum and e-learning

Blended Learning and Interactive Pedagogies: Supporting Problem-based Learning in Dental Education


The aim of this project is to enhance the current problem-based learning (PBL) approach at the Faculty of Dentistry with a focus on technologically enhancing classroom-level interactions. In doing this, the project aims to move from the current model of asynchronous interaction for problem resourcing towards synchronous interaction incorporated into the face-to-face tutorials. That is, to move the Faculty forward from a ‘digital repository’ approach where student engagement with the available technology IS out-of-step with the knowledge co-construction process during tutorials towards an interactive approach for resourcing problem scenarios linked to current Web2.0 trends. Objectives:

  • Enhance student engagement and motivation through further incorporating interactive technologies into the problem-based curriculum.
  • Extend the use of real-time learning technologies. • Integrate face-to-face and virtual modalities within the problem process.

Principal Investigator

Dr. S.M. Bridges, Faculty of DentistryContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

October 2010