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Evaluating the Outcome of Experiential Learning – Enhancement of Assessment Modes in Fieldwork Practice


Traditionally, areas of knowledge, skills and values have always been recognised as essential assessment components in social work education. These areas have always provided us good assessment tools that take more of both competency-based and outcome-based approaches. However, with the changing nature of the social work profession and the social problems developed in our society, as well as the increasing concern on emphasising students’ development of reflective ability, additional assessment elements on reflection upon experience has become a very important part in the assessment.

A participative orientation was adopted in this project as a comprehensive review of the existing assessment modes. All the key stakeholders in Fieldwork Practice had been involved, which included the students, fieldwork supervisors and agency supervisors. Several focus groups had been organized to collect feedback, comments and suggestions. References from both local and overseas training institutes were also taken to articulate the strengths and limitations of the existing assessment modes. Finally, ideas of putting more emphasis on the professional requirement and students’ participation during supervision had been adopted as additional elements in the new assessment form. After collecting positive feedback from the key stake holders, we started to use the new assessment form and other related documents to enhance our existing assessment modes in Fieldwork practice.

Principal Investigator

Mrs. E.K.Y. Wong, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Faculty of Social SciencesContact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

November 2012


  • Develop an enhanced assessment system with objective and fair measurement tools for field teaching and learning
  • Experiment an enhanced assessment system with students assuming greater responsibility in reflecting own work performance and practice learning
  • Provide an exemplar of experiential learning with well-designed assessment system in the University; and bring innovations in students’ learning portfolio building and development
  • Share the enhanced assessment system with other local University’s Fieldwork Office
  • Website for further references on the assessment modes in Fieldwork Practice (link)