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IT in the curriculum and e-learning

Improving Learning Effectiveness and Creating Innovative Accounting Curriculum


Two objectives were achieved. For the first objective, three accounting courses (i.e., Management Accounting I, Management Accounting II and Intermediate Accounting II) have utilized the supports provided in designing and preparing PowerPoint presentations. These supports have improved learning and teaching effectiveness of those courses. For the second objective, a learning experiment was conducted on a subclass of Management Accounting course in 2009 by utilizing on-line video lectures and value-added in-class activities. The teaching/learning activities and assessments for the course have been designed uniquely to attain the various course objectives and learning outcomes. Subsequently, the same on-line course was offered three more times in summer of 2009, semester II of 2010 and semester II of 2011. Another subclass of Introduction to Accounting course has also adopted similar teaching format but with less success. Surveys were conducted at the end of each semester to gain students’ feedback on these on-line courses. Overall, students have provided very positive feedbacks about the course and have suggested some improvements on workload and class activity. They liked the flexibility and the self-learning aspects of the course. In addition, the weekly quiz and unique in-class learning activities reinforced their learning and provided discipline in their studying behavior.

Principal Investigator

Professor A.H.L. Lau, School of Business, Faculty of Business & EconomicsContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

August 2009


  1. Attended one local teaching workshop relating to OBATL and shared the development of learning outcomes and learning activities for this on-line video lecture course.
  2. The Accounting curriculum was reviewed and updated. Two teams of teachers of financial accounting and management accounting, respectively, have worked on revamping the curriculum content, better synchronizing topics coverage, and developing new teaching pedagogies and activities in courses to increase teaching and learning effectiveness. For example, common syllabus will be adopted for the first two accounting courses and new grading rubrics will be developed for each course in summer 2011 so as to clearly reflect the learning outcomes and learning activities of each course.