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Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies (BALS): Capstone Learning Experience in the Final Year Design Studio


The Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies program aims at offering a comprehensive landscape design learning experience so that students will be well-equipped and have apt design knowledge to handle real projects in the design market as well as to pursue further master’s degree studies in the future.

While the initial years of the program break down the various design issues to allow students to just focus on some specific aspects of the design process, the final year capstone studio aims at re-capturing all those knowledge taught to students in the previous semesters, and to bring all of those various aspects of design knowledge together to formulate a comprehensive and professional understanding of what landscape design is about.

This is why the development of a comprehensive capstone learning experience in the final year of this curriculum becomes critical. This final year design learning experience will serve as a “gate-keeper” to ensure students have learnt and managed the various complex design issues before they graduate.

The objective of this project is then to develop an integrated design studio in the final year of this BALS program, so as to make sure the students will receive a comprehensive capstone learning experience that helps them to consolidate and amalgamate the overall landscape knowledge gained from this HKU program.

Principal Investigator

Ms. V.W.S. Mak, Division of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of ArchitectureContact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

November 2012


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