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e-learning Through Moodle for Introduction to Financial Accounting


The objectives of the project were to provide a different mode (the online mode) of learning to students for studying the course “Introduction to Financial Accounting” and to enhance students’ opportunities in active learning through Moodle. We successfully developed a well-structured Moodle platform and an organized set of learning materials for students to learn the course online. During the semester, students actively accessed the Moodle platform according to their own schedule. They watched video lectures, tried concept quizzes, completed online assignments, discussed in forums and chat room, completed group project in wiki page, made comments on classmates’ oral presentation videos, etc. The students have taken their initiatives to learn the course proactively. On the other hand, instead of repeating the lecture content in face-to-face teaching, the teacher has utilized the time and efforts to interact with students in small group meetings as well as in Moodle discussion forums and chat room. The closer interactions and deeper discussions allowed more training on students’ critical thinking. Through this project, we have cultivated an e-learning atmosphere for students and enhanced students’ opportunities in active learning which is a key component to sustain their life-long learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr. W.S.C. Leung, School of Business, Faculty of Business and EconomicsContact

Project level

Course-level project

Project Completion

January 2014


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  • Please contact Dr. W.S.C. Leung of Faculty of Business and Economics via email (leungwin@hku.hk) if you are interested in obtaining more information on this project.