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Teaching Approaches for Large Class of Engineering Students


The Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has announced the “3+3+4” academic structure, which will be implemented in the year 2012. Consequently, the University and the Faculty of Engineering will be facing an increased number of students after switching from a 3-year to a 4-year curriculum. One of the solutions for accommodating such large student enrollment is to utilize large class teaching. Teaching a massive number of students in large class settings adds to the challenge of delivering effective lectures. To cope with this challenge, innovative teaching approaches are developed for teaching large class of engineering students. The main objective of this project is to develop 3D visualization and simulation of structures for large class teaching to enhance student understanding. Experimental classroom lectures have been conducted for large classes of engineering students, and a number of surveys have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of the innovative teaching approaches. It is found that the 3D visualization teaching method is a useful tool for large class teaching. The results of the surveys have shown that the 3D visualization is an effective teaching method.

Principal Investigator

Professor B. Young, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

August 2008

Deliverables (HKU Portal Login Required)

  1. Presentation on the 3D animation used to enhance teaching and learning Download
  2. Two movie clips Clip 1 Clip 2