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Enhancing Student Teachers’ Knowledge of Formative Assessment Using Authentic Classroom Videos


Through a series of video workshops and a critical review of their teaching practices in lesson study, we aimed to enhance our student teachers’ knowledge of formative assessment (FA). This also served to provide a platform for them to make connections between theory and practices. Individual learning profiles were created from their interviews and their completed tasks to document the development. After a whole year, every student teacher demonstrated significant growth in their understanding of FA. The use of authentic classroom videos and experiencing FA practices in the workshops were particularly important for them to visualize the importance of FA, and hence to find incorporating FA useful in their teaching.

Principal Investigator

Dr. V.W.Y. Yip, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

August 2015


  1. Development of a series of video workshops for enhancing student teachers’ knowledge of FA, which is used in both undergraduate and post-graduate courses.
  2. Two papers reporting the findings were presented in the International Science Education Conference in Singapore held from 24 Nov – 27 Nov 2014.
  3. A paper entitled From Noticing to Enactment: Learning to Do Formative Assessment (co-authored with Dr. Benny Yung H.W. and Dr. Kennedy Chan K.H.), has been submitted to International Journal of Science Education for review.
  4. Disseminate and share the findings through division retreat.
  5. A follow-up research for the student teachers’ FA practices who have completed the study.
    [For parties interested in viewing the deliverables, please contact Dr. V.W.Y. Yip via valyip@hku.hk.]