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IT in the Curriculum and E-learning

Improving Undergraduate Curriculum Coherence through Electronic Curriculum Mapping: Cross–Faculty Applications


A curriculum map electronically represents the relationship between university aims and programme level outcomes, and how these elements are incorporated into different courses thereby supporting whole curriculum transparency. Following an initial product review of four electronic curriculum mapping tools, the project team selected the locally-developed MBBS curriculum map for wider development and pilot application for one programme of the Faculty of Education (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education (English) (BA&BEd(LangEd)-Eng)) (http://ecmap.edu.hku.hk/). Programming, final migration and ensuing testing and refining have been the dominant focus of this TDG project. Immediate impact is restricted to prototype design and development. An additional outcome has been enhanced cross-Faculty co-operation. The project team anticipates that wider application of e-curriculum maps should have utility for curriculum coherence.

Principal Investigator

Dr. S.M. Bridges, Faculty of Education Contact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

August 2015


  1. Enhanced cross-faculty collaboration
  2. A prototype e-Curriculum map for the Faculty of Education (http://ecmap.edu.hku.hk/)