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Proposal for the Development of a Case Based Advanced Business Communication Course for Y.2 Students in the Faculty of Business and Economics


The Advanced Business Communication Course helps to prepare students to integrate their theoretical business knowledge with communication skills that enhance their opportunities for future professional success. It seeks to further develop their analytical and problem solving skills, and at the same time, enhance their communication skills within the business context. The course content and design is largely needs driven (professional) and outcome based (academic) which encourages both deep and experiential learning among Business students. As well as the conventional mode of face to face classroom teaching conducted by instructors, a dedicated course website has been created for students to do the following: read related case based articles which are currently available on the web, conduct web based research on the internet both individually and in groups, acquire new and relevant business vocabulary through reading and completing exercises provided online; and also prepare and write formally assessed assignments via the use of online customized writing templates.

Learning Outcomes for the course are as follows:

  • To write, describe and present formal case analyses and business reports;
  • To apply relevant business knowledge from core content based subjects in both discussions and presentations;
  • To negotiate and support various solutions to complex problems by utilizing relevant research and evidence;
  • To incorporate relevant vocabulary in formal written as well as oral tasks and activities;
  • To listen, interpret and integrate multimedia information sources into their analyses;
  • To demonstrate an awareness of a wide range of global business issues facing both companies as well as management.

Principal Investigator

Ms. E. Christopher, Faculty of Business and EconomicsContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

January 2010


Conference: “The First International Conference on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (FLLT 2009) The Language Institute of Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Presentation Title: “Advanced Business Communication: A Multi-Media Approach”
Date: 16/10/2009
Audience: International Educational Professionals
Presenter: Elsie Christopher

Staff Development Program: “CAUT Staff Development Program for Professorial Staff 2009”
The Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching, HKU
Workshop Title: “Designing and Assessing Presentations and Written Assignments”
Date: 25/2/2009
Audience: International Teaching Staff at The University of Hong Kong
Presenter: Elsie Christopher

Research Symposium: “Learning Communities and Technology: The Next Ten Years”
The Centre for Information Technology in Education, The University of Hong Kong
Presentation Title: “Advanced Business Communication: A Multi-Media Approach”
Date: 6/3/2009
Audience: International Educational Professionals (HKU and beyond)
Presenter: Elsie Christopher

Dedicated Course Website: http://www.fbe.hku.hk/course/BUSI0081/ (requires access rights)

Contents Include: Case Summaries and related Videos and Transcripts, Interactive Language and Grammar Exercises, Vocabulary Exercises, Online Resources, Useful Links, Assessment Guidelines, Course Schedule, Online Writing Template, Research and Referencing Information

Content Writer and Conceptual Design: Elsie Christopher