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Experiential Learning

Enhancing Experiential Learning in HKU Law Faculty by Strengthening Clinical and Transactional Law Education through Adopting Effective Practices from Australian Law Schools


This project seeks to identify effective practices for experiential learning developed by Australian law schools and incorporate them into the law curriculum at HKU. The project will investigate Australian law schools closely identified with experiential learning in the form of clinical and transactional law education. Clinical law education teaches students through requiring them to handle real clients under supervision, while transactional legal education trains law students to handle realistic commercial transactions. This project will build on the experiential learning works undertaken by the two Australian legal experts in our project team in the fields of clinical and transactional law education respectively.

The findings of this project will be used to support legal academics at HKU interested in experiential learning, particularly those on clinical and transactional legal education. The findings of this project will be shared in an open session to support experiential learning at law and other faculties of HKU. The findings will also be disseminated in Hong Kong, China and the Australasia Region to raise the consciousness of legal academics in this part of the world of the importance of experiential learning to the reform of their law school curricula.

Principal Investigator

Dr. R.W.S. Wu, Department of Professional Legal Education, Faculty of Law Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

June 2017


  1. A journal article titled “Teaching Corporations Law From A Transactional Perspective and Through the Use of Experiential Techniques” was published in the Australian journal of Legal Education Review.
  2. A journal article titled “Legal Education, Practice Skills and Pathways to Admission: A Comparative Analysis of Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia” was published in the US Journal of Legal Education.
  3. Two conference papers on experiential learning in law presented at the Annual Law and Society Conference held at New Orleans, June 2016.
  4. Implementation of experiential learning in the law courses of “China Practice” and “Clinical Legal Education”.
  5. Production of a video of experiential learning in law (teaching interviewing skills).Download