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Introduction to Hong Kong Geology


The project develops a SPOC course using Moodle platform on ‘Geological Heritage of Hong Kong’ (renamed as “Introduction to Hong Konng Geology”). 
The course consists of :

(1) Five 30-min powerpoint lectures on Earth’s structure, history, material and processes and Hong Kong geology,
(2) Learning packages, internet linkages and references on the general geology, with linkage to virtual field trips to other parts of the world with similar or related geology,
(3) Fifteen 10-15min videotaped segments on geology heritage of Hong Kong shot in the field setting,
(4) Web-forum on taught subjects and real-time internet discussion/tutorial sessions, and
(5) On-line assignments and assessment 

Principal Investigator

Professor P.P.C. Wu, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

May 2015


Project Topics:

  • Overview of Earth’s History, Processes and Structure
  • Geological timescale
  • Igneous rocks of Hong Kong
  • Sedimentary rocks of Hong Kong
  • Erosional landforms in Hong Kong
  • Weathering Processes in Hong Kong
  • Mass movement
  • Structural features (Folds, Joints and Structure)
  • Field Techniques and Measurements
  • Geological features of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Geopark