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Enhancing the Use of Chinese (Mandarin) as a Foreign Language via the Moodle Platform (EMMP)


This project aims to support the novice-mid Mandarin as foreign language course (ie. CHIN9502) via the Moodle platform. It not only enhances the students’ opportunities for active learning and preparing for the course in a non-target language environment, but also encourages them to develop their interest in Chinese language and culture. This project demonstrated that EMMP (including the Grammar Points Videos, Vocabulary Videos and Online Exercises) can effectively help students study Chinese as well as enhance students’ self-study and interactive engagement in the course. Besides, all the students’ work (ie. Online Exercises) on Moodle are logged by the system automatically, students’ scores and progress can easily be tracked and visualized by the students and the teachers. The Database helped the course coordinator and the teachers focus on the common errors which were made by the students in syntax and pronunciation, and design the course materials and assignments in a more effective and efficient way.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Y.Y. Chan, School of Chinese, Faculty of Arts Contact

Project level

Course-level project

Project Completion

April 2016


  1. To construct the Moodle platform for the students at the novice-mid level
  2. To develop a mode of interactive multimedia presentation of pronunciation, i.e. ‘Chinese Character(s) + Sound + Mouth Movements + Phonetic Symbols’
  3. To make a video and multimedia courseware in which the teacher will explain and analyze the important grammatical points of CHIN9501 (the novice low level) and CHIN9502
  4. To build a database for storing the novice-mid Mandarin learners’ errors with grammar and vocabulary via the Moodle platform
  5. To create online exercises based on the vocabulary and grammatical points the students have studied in class and to complete outside the classroom.