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Teaching and Assessing Medical Professionalism in the LKS Faculty of Medicine and the University of Hong Kong


The project ‘Teaching and Assessing Medical Professionalism in LKS Faculty of Medicine and the University of Hong Kong’ is a qualitative study, in which in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted at LKS Faculty of Medicine and Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) with 39 subjects. They included six faculty preceptors and six residents from the department of sugery, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, anaesthesiology and obstetrics and gynaecology of QMH; eight nurses from different ranks (managerial, advanced practice, front line); four first-to-third year medical students; three fourth-to-fifth year medical students; four patients over 35 years’ old and four patients under thirty-five years’ old (from the Outpatient Department of QMH). The aim of the study was to understand the subjects’ perceptions of Medical Professionalism (MP). The analyzed data were used to produce a preliminary definition of MP which primarily reflects the understanding of MP by HKU healthcare professionals, and in a limited way, reflects the Hong Kong Chinese cultural setting. A survey questionnaire was also constructed for validating this preliminary definition.

Principal Investigator

Professor E.C. Hui, Medical Ethics Unit, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Contact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

April 2010

Deliverables (HKU Portal Login Required)

  • A preliminary definition of MP Download
  • A survey instrument (questionnaire), formed by transforming the definition of MP into 63 behavioral items. The survey can validate the definition in (1) and will help to develop another questionnaire for assessing MP Download