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A Web 2.0-enabled e-learning System for Collaborative Learning and Community Building in Teacher Education


The project aims to address the 4-year Undergraduate Curriculum reform initiative to transform student learning, in particular to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, foster polycontextual inquiry and provide diverse learning experiences and engagement with local communities. This project is also a first attempt to embark on inter-faculty collaboration by introducing the innovative use of ICT for teaching and learning and scaling up the existing good practice to encompass other academic disciplines, namely the teacher education of the Faculty of Education. This project carries forward the foregoing work of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering on e-learning with ICT under the pedagogy of Problem Based Learning (PBL) using case studies, and to offer an exciting and innovative dimension to both knowledge capturing and sharing for students from the teacher education and industrial engineering disciplines. One of the goals of the project will be developing new Web 2.0 enabling features to facilitate and stimulate intellectual dialogue and the formation of active learning communities among students, academics and experts from the local community, facilitated by the use of interesting online case studies derived from real life contexts.

Principal Investigator

Dr. H.Y.K. Lau, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

May 2010


URL: http://vs.imse.hku.hk

To provide a comprehensive and integrated e-learning platform with enhanced video functions, group collaboration and community building web functions. Major deliverables of the project include:

  1. A comprehensive e-learning program to cover the Education Faculty’s three year Teaching Practice (TP internship) programs.
  2. Incorporation of Web 2.0 features to accommodate the need of students for uploading, sharing and building knowledge with digital video materials, in addition, new Web 2.0 features that are conducive to collaborative learning and community building among students are added.
  3. Research study on the sustainability, transferability and scalability of good teaching and learning practices, in particular with the use of innovative ICT is conducted with results disseminated in ‘Pan, N., Lau, Y. K. H. and Lai, W. (2010) Sharing e-learning innovation across disciplines: an encounter between engineering and teacher education, Electronic Journal of e-Learning, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 31 – 40’. Download