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Student Learning Experience and Surveys

Designing and Implementing Online Questionnaires to Evaluate Student, Alumni, and Employer Perspectives on Learning Experiences and Outcomes


Create a generic, editable questionnaire template directed at final year students, allowing for the creation of a flow of student-generated data on learning outcomes and experiences, with a view to extending its applicability across Faculties. Through the PI’s engagement with programme curriculum teams an infrastructure was put in place permitting data relating to students’ and other stakeholders’ experiences of teaching and learning in the Faculty to be discussed by BA programme and the BA&BEd programme curriculum teams. This helped to support curriculum reform, advance preparations for the forthcoming 6-yearly programme level review, and informed the revamping of dissemination of University surveys resulting in increased return rates.

Principal Investigator

Dr. D.M. Pomfret, School of Humanities, Faculty of ArtsContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

January 2010


  • Editable html-based questionnaire forms for exiting students
  • Questionnaires mounted online at http://artsfaculty.hku.hk/IT/exit_survey/ (closed)
  • Automated launch programme set in place for contacting major students
  • Online exit survey launched, securing 78.13% response rate, with 618 out of 782 students completing the survey