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Curriculum or Pedagogical Innovations

Improving Room 113G in the Main Building for Innovative Pedagogical Activities


The new curriculum features multiple forms of learning and assessment, multidisciplinary collaboration and diverse learning experiences. Changes to Room 113G articulate with established and creative approaches to learning, allowing for flexibility and substantial achievements in promoting audio-visual strategies, including film making, multi-media lectures, and rehearsal labs. New additions of imaginative architectural design of seating and space allow for flexibility of pedagogical structure, providing instantaneous turnover from small group workshops and discussion to large scale dramatic performance and video production.

Principal Investigator

Professor C.M. Hutton, School of English, Faculty of ArtsContact
Dr. P. Richards, School of English, Faculty of ArtsContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

February 2008


Each of the programmes initiated and developed under this grant aims to contribute to the international body of knowledge and discovery; pays attention to the wide needs of students to experiment across mixed media as they developed original ideas, study international principles of craft and writing, and claim responsibility for their projects.

The programmes organized are:
1. Writers’ Series
2. Editors’ Series
3. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Interactive Series
4. Drama Series
5. Moving Poetry Series
6. Audio-Visual Seminars