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IT in the Curriculum and E-learning

Developing Problem-solving Skills via the Flipped Classroom Delivery of Multimedia-enabled Self-directed Learning and Data Driven Experiential Collaborative Learning


We seek funding to test the effectiveness of a problem-based learning curriculum design that is operationalised as an instructional system within the flipped classroom delivery model. Our novel, Moodle-enabled system will develop collaborative work skills within the context of experiential, small-team learning, as applied across most HKU Faculties. Our system’s e-learning component features the theoretically valid use of multimedia-enabled, story-based learning objects. These objects induce intrinsic motivation, produce immersive e-learning experiences, and prepare students for high-impact classroom learning. Our system’s classroom component features a novel performance-assessment tool that provides visually enriched, anonymised and actionable feedback in near-real time. Together, these components represent a system that will increase satisfaction, enhance learning outcomes, develop collaborative problem-solving skills, and cultivate student capacity for selfregulation. Our project anticipates the use of machine intelligence to inform the development of a novel method for measuring meaningful learning outcomes and for creating personalised deep learning across HKU.

Principal Investigator

Professor P.B. Lowry, Faculty of Business and Economics

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

January 2018


Research paper(s) or manuscripts under review/to be published

  • David Michael Hull, Sebastian W. Schuetz, and Paul Benjamin Lowry (2018). “Tell me a story: Proposing the gamified immersive-narrative training system (GINTS) model for security education, training, and awareness (SETA) programs,” Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) (under 1st round of review, submitted 29-Jan-2018)