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Use of Augmented Reality to Optimize the Effectiveness of Biomedical Education


Augmented reality (AR) has been paradigmatically shifting the mode of E-learning toward virtual experiences embedded in real-world contexts. What are the impacts of AR technology on medical education? In this project, the effectiveness of AR applications in improving the quality of biomedical education was systematically investigated by questionnaire analysis. Educational AR software was used in biomedical science courses taken by undergraduate students enrolled in various programmes. After comprehensive experience with AR learning, the majority of students expressed that teaching with AR is better than without. They agreed that AR facilitates understanding of knowledge, consolidates memory of lecture contents, enhances awareness about abstract concepts, promotes enjoyment in the learning process, and enriches engagement in the course. They also expected that AR will be useful in a wide variety of biomedical topics. With the aim of maximizing the positive outcomes of AR applications in medical education, we further developed educational AR software with extended functions and tailor-made contents for integration into the curriculum. This project thus established an approach for the preparation of AR-based E-learning materials to achieve productive and rewarding learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr. C.W. Ma, School of Biomedical Sciences, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

June 2018


  1. Project website: http://www.sbms.hku.hk/AR-learning/
  2. AR-based educational Apps (Available in project website)
  3. Survey instruments
  4. Questionnaire results
  5. Meeting notes (interview) Download
  6. Presentation in the 9th AMEA Symposium cum Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education