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Repositioning GIS: Integrating Geographic Information Systems Technology into Architecture Curriculum


This grant focused primarily on developing new ways to integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into coursework in the Department of Architecture. In addition to proposing new modes of teaching digital media in the classroom, the courses and workshop developed in this project are designed as models for four-year undergraduate curriculum reform. Early research enabled the team to conduct a survey of international practice in GIS teaching and curriculum integration. The funding also led to the development of an important Pilot GIS Workshop that is part of a strategy for introducing digital media into existing coursework. The Workshop enabled the teaching team to observe the speed, fluency and interest level of the students through assignments, presentations and student feedback. The flexible structure of the GIS Workshop enables straightforward integration into the existing curriculum of the Architecture Faculty’s various departments and disciplines. The Workshop and a new course developed in parallel with this grant are meant to provide undergraduates from the Faculty of Architecture with the foundation knowledge and theoretical basis for studying and researching at postgraduate-level. It aims to equip architecture graduates with the necessary expertise to become more competitive in an increasingly global and information-technology intensive professional environment.

Principal Investigator

Mr. J.F. Carlow, Department of Architecture, Faculty of ArchitectureContact
Ms. Juan Du, Department of Architecture, Faculty of ArchitectureContact
Mr. Johnathan Solomon, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

December 2010


  1. A GIS course has been developed, which has become an elective course in the New 2012 Curriculum.
  2. The GIS Workshop developed can become integrated into the new 1st Year Curriculum in a Joint-Faculty Course to be offered in 2012.  The Workshop consisted of lectures, software training sessions, field mapping, laboratory work, presentations, and writing assignments.
  3. A cross faculty symposium may be organized to share teaching techniques.