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Outcomes-based Learning

How Law Teachers Teach


The project “How Law Teachers Teach” is a continuation of an earlier project “How Law Students Learn” undertaken by the same investigators with the objective of investigating and enhancing the teaching and learning within the Law Faculty. The investigation made specific reference to the “Outcomes-Based Approach to Student Learning” (OBASL) and achieved the following outcomes:

  • an overview of the existing approaches taken by individual faculty members to teaching and learning
  • an analysis of the existing approaches to see if they are already in compliance with OBASL
  • promotion of OBASL among faculty members
  • formulation of a faculty strategy about the implementation of OBASL
  • promotion of teaching-related discussion and collaboration among faculty members

Principal Investigator

Miss A.S.C. Lee, Department of Law, Faculty of LawContact

Project level

Faculty-level project

Project Completion

November 2008


  1. A questionnaire template was designed for the collection of information from law teachers relating to different aspects of OBASL.
  2. A Faculty Workshop was conducted to disseminate the data, and to identify ways to facilitate further discussion among colleagues.
  3. A Faculty Retreat was conducted to consider and discuss the data and its relevance to OBASL in great detail and depth, and to identify ways to facilitate the implementation of OBASL and the enhancement of teaching and learning within the Faculty in the long run.
  4. The findings of this project were analyzed and compared with that obtained from the previous related project “How Law Students Learn”.