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With the forthcoming changes in the Hong Kong Higher Education Curriculum Reform in 2012,  a set of educational aims for undergraduate education at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has been clearly expounded in the document Transforming Student Learning.  Central to the attainment of these aims is a reform of the assessment system in parallel with the reform of the curriculum, as assessment should support learning.  Assessment has always been a driving force for student learning, thus the importance of appropriate assessment methods, criteria and grading standards which are well aligned with intended learning outcomes are absolutely essential for the transformation of student learning in this new reformed curriculum structure.  This project “The HKU Assessment Resource Centre” aims to provide a platform to address this issue by introducing a wide range of assessment methods, and the usage, advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches.  With a comprehensive guide on assessment, this will enhance the awareness of HKU teachers to align their assessment practices with the HKU educational aims.  The Assessment Resource Centre will allow HKU teachers to share their experiences, facilitate diversity to assessment, and also access resources to support their teaching developments in assessment for better student learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr. C.K.Y. Chan, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and LearningContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

July 2011


  1. A comprehensive website (http://ar.cetl.hku.hk/index.php) documenting international and HKU assessment practices, terminologies, forum, blogs, variety of assessment methods with rubric samples, tips for assessing large class, new teachers, self, peer and group assessment, technologies for assessment and how to evaluate your class has been developed as resources for HKU teaching staff.
  2. Assessment workshops have been delivered and more have been planned for the teachers and interested parties within and outside the University to disseminate knowledge, good practices and findings of the project on assessment
  3. Although this is indirectly related to the project, due to the PI’s involvement with assessment, Teachers in various disciplines have been requesting for support in particular on technologies for formative assessment. The PI has been working closely with a number of teachers in law and media, science, law and engineering on some formative assessment technologies.
  4. Preparing papers for publication in international educational journals and conferences. Journal paper has been written and is currently being reviewed by a high impact journal.
  5. The PI has been invited to a number of faculty retreat to present on the topic of assessment, this includes Dentistry, Business and Economics, School of Chinese, Education.