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Developing Transferable Skills Facilitation Strategies for Improving Integrative Project Courses in Engineering


This TDG project focuses on studying the transferable skills of HKU engineering students and how integrative project courses in individual disciplines have (or have not) contributed to the development of these transferable skills. Through a Faculty-wide soft skills survey, we first assessed how students in the Engineering Faculty have been developing their transferable skills such as teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal communications. We then investigated how students learn in integrative project courses by conducting a correlation study between student performance in integrative project courses and the “Structure, Behavior, Function” learning theory. Inspired by the survey results and the education research study, our team subsequently developed a revised teaching pedagogy for the integrative project course in medical engineering to encourage students to develop their soft skills. In general, this project is intended to give teachers insights on how hands-on project courses can be more effectively delivered and managed. This would in turn benefit the students’ transferable skills development through project courses and help them to become more well-rounded individuals for the workplace. From the perspective of scholarship in teaching and learning, our work has also contributed to a better understanding of how integrative project courses enable students to develop their transferable skills.

Principal Investigator

Dr. A.C.H. Yu, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

December 2011

Deliverables (HKU Portal Login Required)

  • Development of evidence-based teaching strategies for project courses – We have posted our new teaching pedagogy for the medical engineering integrative project course on the IEEE Real World Engineering Project portal. Faculty members may use this teaching material to deliver similar project courses. URL: http://www.realworldengineering.org/index.php?page=project&project=591
  • Publish our research findings on the impact of integrative project courses on the students’ transferable skills development
  • Three conference publications have been presented at the IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (the annual meeting for the IEEE Education Society):
    • “Towards Integrative Learning in Biomedical Engineering: A Project Course on Electrocardiogram Monitor DesignDownload
    • “Assessing Students’ Integrative Learning in Biomedical Engineering from the Perspectives of Structure, Behavior, and FunctionDownload
    • Mini Workshop –  Real World Engineering Projects: Discovery-Based Curriculum Modules for First-Year StudentsDownload
  • One journal manuscript "Assessing engineering student integrative learning with the perspectives of structure, behavior, and function" co-authored by YY Chan, CKK Chan, and ACH Yu has been submitted to the Journal of Engineering Education for consideration of publication.