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Assessment and Feedback

Enhancing Evidence-based and Competency-based Assessment of Clinical Skills


The project objectives and outcomes are as follows:

  • The students and the clinical supervisors’ views on whether COMPASS® reflects their performance more accurately and their satisfaction on the two evaluation methods will be evaluated by quantitative and qualitative analyses of the questionnaires.
  • Whether the clinical supervisors use the whole range of the visual analogue scale of COMPASS® will be evaluated by comparing the practicum scores among different year groups.
  • The results of COMPASS® and the old HKU clinical evaluation forms of all the students in ayear group will be compared to find out the correlations of the two evaluation methods.

The feedback received will help improve the clinical education programme, which in turn benefits the students and the clinical supervisors.

Principal Investigator

Professor T.L. Whitehill, Faculty of EducationContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

March 2012


The results of the study were presented in the "Third International Conference on Problem Based Learning in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Hong Kong, December 1-2, 2011" under the title of "Revisiting the relationship between PBL and clinical performance".  We have drafted a manuscript on this topic for submission to a special issue of an ISI Journal based on selected papers from the conference.  We are also writing up another manuscript under the title of "Relevance of COMPASS® for Hong Kong Students” for submission as a journal article.