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Outcome-based Learning

Applying Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning and English in the Discipline in the BSc [Information Management] Program


The principal aim of this project was to pilot, as well as to gradually adapt to the Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) approach in achieving the elements stated in the Program level Learning Outcomes. In addition, a fresh teaching scheme “English in the Discipline” was also introduced and experimented. The progress and development trend of the students’ self-perceived ability in terms of information literacy and information management & technology were examined. The data that we have collected is helpful for the teaching staff in the BSc[IM] Program to respond to the students’ needs and address the issues raised by the students in the surveys and interviews by providing necessary support to the students. The interviews conducted with the students are helpful for the delivery of OBTL to the future BSc[IM] students and our experience may help colleagues in other departments of our university to implement OBTL. Specifically, the project findings showed that some students were eager to learn more about computer software. Seeing this, recommendations have been made, leading to the curriculum reform where three specialize streams are introduced to accommodate students’ individual learning preference.

Principal Investigator

Dr. S.K.M. Chu, Faculty of EducationContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

June 2012


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  7. A Seminar “Maximizing the Benefits of Outcome based Learning” was organized in September 2012 by the Centre of Information Technologies in the Faculty of Education.Download (HKU Portal Login Required)