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Diverse Learning Experience

A Holistic Education for Physics Study


The aims of the project are to develop a new 4-year Physics undergraduate programme for the 2012 and subsequent cohorts; to introduce the Student Response System to class teaching; and to design new experiments and review existing ones for enhancement of laboratory work. The existing programme structures and course syllabuses have been revised following the adoption of outcomes-based approach to student teaching and learning, with diverse learning and assessment activities.

Principal Investigator

Prof. F. Zhang, Department of Physics, Faculty of ScienceContact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

January 2013

Deliverables (HKU Portal Login Required)

  1. Physics’ Programme Learning Outcomes and course syllabusesDownload
  2. Questionnaires to evaluate the first year learning experience in the Department of Physics; and the Student Response System on Learning ExperienceDownload
  3. A collection of MCQs incorporated in the innovative teaching via the Student Response SystemDownload
  4. The laboratory manuals and worksheet of each newly designed experimentsDownload
  5. The laboratory manuals and worksheet for the revised experimentsDownload
  6. The report on this project will be made available upon request.  (Please contact the PI on this.)