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GradeMark for Enhancing Feedback


The University of Hong Kong has been using Turnitin Originality Check as a plagiarism checking tool since 2004. However, with an increased focus on the role of feedback in student learning, it was agreed to trial the GradeMark upgrade for 12 months to evaluate the utility of the service. GradeMark is an electronic feedback system integrated into Turnitin and the scope of the study was to evaluate its effectiveness by surveying teachers who had used GradeMark and decide whether to recommend HKU continue its subscription after the initial trial; the findings were to be presented in a report. In December 2013, Paradigms LLC (developers of Turnitin) informed subscribers that in the future it would no longer be possible to buy the Originality Check without buying GradeMark – GradeMark would come automatically bundled. This study makes the following recommendations: HKU should continue to subscribe to Turnitin; HKU should continue to publicize GradeMark as a tool for improving the feedback cycle and subsequently enhance student learning; ITS should continue to provide GradeMark training workshops; and EPSU should organize a seminar on pedagogically principled uses of GradeMark.

Principal Investigator

Mr. D.D. Harbutt, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Contact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

October 2014


  • A report on the use of GradeMark Download

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