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Teaching Development Grants
Completed TDG Projects

Common Core Curriculum

The City: Histories of Urbanism and the Built Environment

Principal Investigator

Dr. C.L. Chu, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Architecture Contact

Project level

University-level project

Project Completion

December 2015


  1. Detailed Course Descriptions Download
    The course outline (Spring 2015-2016) includes a description for each sub-theme of the course, learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, assessment modes and standards, and grade descriptors.

  2. Teaching and Learning Materials
    The following are selected sets of teaching and learning materials.

    • Lecture outlines / Weekly study aids (10 lectures) Download
    • PDF copies of lecture slides (4 selected lectures) Download
  3. Course Website (https://learning.hku.hk/cchu9048/)
    The course website includes descriptions of the course and examples of student works (Spring 2014-2015). It also includes information of course activities and additional resources related to the course content.

  4. Assessment Items: Project Assignments
    There is a total of three project assignments for the course.

    • Assignment 1: Postcard Project Download
    • Assignment 2: An Article for a Newspaper Column Download
    • Assignment 3: The Continuing City

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