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Teaching Development Grants
Completed TDG Projects

Language enhancement

Development of E-learning and Peer Assessment Activities for an English-in-the-Discipline Course for Speech & Hearing Sciences Students


The overall purpose of this proposed study is to support students in learning effective language skills relevant to their study context and enhance their experience of using English as a learning and communicative instrument inside and outside the classroom. As a second phase of a study from a current funded Teaching Development Grant (TDG) project, this proposed project aims to further integrate out-of-class e-learning activities on Moodle in an English-in-the-Discipline (ED) curriculum and to explore the opportunities to strengthen the feedback mechanism for in-class and out-of-class activities. This project would lead to insights into further development of using online technological platform and peer assessment for teaching English across disciplines. In line with the University’s Strategic Development Theme, the anticipated project outcomes are three fold: to enhance student learning in a more innovative curriculum, to develop in-class and out-of-class materials based on students’ needs, and to promote independent learning through technology. The course templates have great potential for being transferred to other courses within other programmes in the Faculty of Education (cross-disciplinary) or to other Faculties (University-wide) to benefit diverse English language learners.

Principal Investigator

Dr. N.S.N. Fong, Centre for Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts Contact

Project level

Course-level project

Project Completion

August 2016


Based on the project deliverables and implications, a series of in-class tasks on teacher feedback and peer review have been developed. The student practice has been transferred and introduced to CAES1000 Core University English, a compulsory General English for Academic Purposes course for Year 1 undergraduate students.

See the dialogic feedback Download and the peer review practice Download.

The project findings have been disseminated by a research report to the University, a forthcoming book chapter, presentations at local and international conferences as well retreat and seminars organized by the Centre for Applied English Studies.

Conference Travel Grant Award:
The Registry, The University of Hong Kong (2016).  Internationalisation of Higher Education in Hong Kong through the Use of English Inside and Outside the Classroom. Selected paper for presentation at The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Conference, 18 to 20 May 2016. “Mapping Out New the Landscapes in Higher Education in Southeast Asia”, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Book Chapter:
Yung, K, W. H. & Fong, N. (2015). (forthcoming). Fostering sustainable learning through English in the Discipline: Pedagogical innovation in Hong Kong higher education. In T. Savelyeva & F. Gao (Eds), Sustainable tertiary education in Asian and Eurasian contexts: Listening to voices of academics in the Education in the Asia-Pacific Region series. Springer.

Fong, N. (23 May 2016). Development of e-Learning and Peer Assessment Activities for an English-in-the-Discipline Course, CAES Retreat, Workshop.

International Conference Presentation:
Fong, N. (2016). Innovative Feedback Mechanism in Learning English-in-the-Discipline in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the 51st Regional Language Centre (RELC) International Conference, “Teaching Literacies: Emerging Pathways and Possibilities in Language Education”, SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, Singapore, March 14 to 16, 2016.

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