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Instructional Videos for CC Teachers & Tutors: Supporting Student Learning through Feedback and Assessment


Instructional videos for Common Core teachers/tutors outlining how technology can be used to aid feedback are now available on our CC teacher support page. The series comprises the following videos:

  • Introduction: Supporting Student Learning through Feedback & Assessment
  • 1: Five Quick Feedback Tips
  • 2: Moodle Assignment – Feedback Basics
  • 3: Peer Feedback & Reflection
  • 4: Giving Feedback Using Moodle Rubric and Turnitin
  • 5: Giving Feedback by Annotating PDFs

The e-learning Pedagogical Support Unit will be organizing workshops to support teachers in their use of technology to support the feedback process. For any further inquiries about giving feedback and e-learning in general, please contact Darren from the EPSU on dharbutt @